Aligned sales and marketing plan: how to achieve it in your company with examples

The alignment of the marketing and sales departments is the order of the day, it is called Smarketing and it is already here. And if you think that because you belong to the industrial or technological sector, this is not going to work for you… you are wrong! Creating an aligned sales and marketing plan is essential for any business in any industry.

Every time the sales department needs more than the marketing department and everything has its explanation.

The marketing actions help:

-Anticipating the needs or requirements of the consumer or client

-Promoting the sales of the organization’s products and services

-Generating necessary contacts for the sales department

1. Marketing and sales plan. What are they?

First of all, we have to make it clear what each department consists of and, of course, its plans. In this way, you can better understand what the differences are between the two.

The marketing department of smart city provides the information, knowledge and guides necessary to reach the potential customer, while sales prepares and satisfies the needs that are demanded.

Now that we know what each department consists of, let’s talk about their plans.

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1.1. Sales plan 

We start with the sales plan, since this is one of the parts of the marketing plan . Mainly, the sales plan consists of creating a sales funnel. This consists of 4 phases:

  1. Prospecting
    It is the basis of the alignment between the marketing plan and the sales plan. In this first phase, the sales team is responsible for breaking the cold door with potential customers.
  2. Leads and CRM 
    In this second phase is when the sales team must make sure that the incoming leads begin to appear in our CRM.
  3. Progressive maturation
    At this stage, leads should be matured little by little, usingforms that each will progressively request more data about the lead in order to have more information about it.
  4. Pipeline maturation
    This last phase of the sales plan is closely associated with the marketing plan, since thePipeline enters the process here. Sales is responsible for creating it, but the marketing team must have knowledge of all stages of the business proposal. To do this, they must make the maturation of the Pipeline by consensus.

1.2. Marketing plan 

A marketing plan must be structured, coherent, have metrics, be integrated with other plans -such as the sales plan-, it must have an action plan and its own language, in addition to having a defined time horizon (both at the strategic level as well as at the operational level).

This plan must be made up of the following sections:

  1. Executive summary
    It summarizes the fundamental ideas of the plan itself. This document collects the most relevant information of the plan, such as a presentation of the basic information of the company (including the differential factor and its products / services), theobjectivesto be achieved in the marketing plan with its line of action and its budget.
  2. Current situation
    analysis This analysis is also known as strategic analysis or situational analysis. It consists of conducting both an internal and external analysis of the organization todevelop a SWOT. This analysis studies the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities that a company has.
  3. Diagnosis of the current situation
    Once we have the necessary information to perform the SWOT, we will proceed todevelop a CAME analysis on the previous analysis. This analysis investigates: how to correct weaknesses, how to face threats, how to maintain strengths and how to exploit opportunities.
  4. Setting Marketing Goals

The objectives must be adequately defined, they must be concrete and achievable (SMART objectives). In addition, deadlines must be set to motivate compliance. These objectives can be both quantitative and qualitative.

Also, in this part the sales plan must be taken into account, to create common objectives or objectives that are coherent between both departments, to take them into account later in the decision of strategies.

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  1. Marketing strategies
    They define the way in which the objectives set out in the marketing plan will be addressed to achieve them.
  2. Action
    plan Theaction plan consists of defining what is going to be done, how it is going to be done and who will do it, as well as what will be the estimated timeframe.
  3. Budget and provisional income statement

breakdown budget is developed for each strategy and each action, for each cost and supplier … everything must be known in detail or to a maximum possible approximation.

Likewise, a provisional income statement is also developed, which is the difference between what it costs to implement the marketing plan and the benefits expected from its implementation.

  1. Evaluation and control
    The effectiveness of the objectives set is measured, carryingout periodic controls using indicators that will help to quantify the final result, preventing possible deviations.
  2. Contingency plan
    The corrective measures of the deviations found previously are established.

1.3. Can they work together? 

The close relationship that exists between both departments is evident, since both operate on the potential client, but each one in a different way.

As we have mentioned before, marketing facilitates and carries out strategies to reach the potential customer and sales is who takes care of them, in addition to the sales plan being part of the marketing plan.

So now the relationship between the two is clearly seen, right?

That marketing needs sales and marketing sales, that is an undeniable reality and, more and more companies are realizing this reality -especially within the industrial and technological sector- and are implementing it in their companies.

Although, currently, one of the impediments to making progress on this alignment of departments is due to the existing inequality within organizations.

To this day, many of the companies that belong to the industrial sector are still stuck in traditional strategies and sales is the department that matters most to them. This is because they are the ones who create the sales and, as a consequence, bring the profits. And what is the main objective of an organization? These.

Marketing is the one who makes it easy for them to reach those potential customers. Your job is to put them on a platter, help bring new customers into the company.

“So, if companies are increasingly aware of this fact, why aren’t their departments on an equal footing? “

Companies must provide the same resources to both departments, as well as make a similar investment on each of them. Thus, they will be able to work together more easily and obtain benefits in a more efficient way.

2. How to get a joint plan for both departments 

If we know that the ultimate goal of a company is profits and both departments work together to achieve them, why should this not be reflected in their respective plans?

As we mentioned in the previous point, the sales plan is part of the marketing plan, but for these to work in a cohesive and coherent way, they must share objectives and the procedures for how to achieve them.

The problem is that in most companies this is not the case. They have separate plans and for this reason, they do not quite achieve their objectives or, at least, they find it more difficult to achieve them.

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2.1. Marketing and sales plan

The phases of the sales plan that were really related to the marketing team were the first, prospecting and, last, the maturation of the Pipeline.

  • Prospecting 

Prospecting is the foundation of the alignment of both departments. At this point, it is the sales team who is in charge of contacting potential customers and it is marketing who should be in charge of facilitating those contacts or, at least, facilitating the process of reaching those contacts.

-One of these facilities would be to have a very defined profile about the potential client, about where they are and how we could contact them.

-If we are applying an Inbound Marketing strategy in our company, it is marketing who must be in charge of the strategies and content to attract these contacts to our company. It will be then, when sales are in charge of contacting them.

  • Pipeline maturation

The main thing in this phase is the creation of a sales pipeline but that is agreed with marketing.

Pipeline or Control Panel is usually made up of 8 stages. It is in the third where an appointment is usually made with that potential client or MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead); So, until that stage, the marketing team must be in charge of evaluating those leads. That is, you must know how to identify if these leads are really MQL and can become SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) so as not to waste the sales team’s time unnecessarily.

From the fourth to the sixth stage is the commercial where you make the arguments of confidence to the and SQL, to try to sell your products or services. So here, marketing is the one in charge of having those arguments prepared and that they are found within the web page also in the form of content.

The last two stages or parts are the decisive ones. They are the leads that convert or do not convert into customers. Marketing must be prepared for both cases:

-If they become WIN, marketing may have a cross selling or upselling strategy planned for sales to act.

-In case they become LOST, you must propose a strategy to be able to attack this lead again within 6 months or 1 year.

2.2. Strategies 

We have a strategy that fits and helps align the sales and marketing departments , among other things: ABM -or Account Based Marketing-.

Knowing that this strategy achieves that alignment, it is reason enough to want to implement it, right? It is normal that you may have some doubts about how it does it, so let’s explain it to you:

The marketing team has to have a clear objective: to think like a commercial and to put themselves in their shoes. In this way, you get a broader and different view to obtain the expected results. And what are these? Observe the account carefully, so you can attract potential customers, convince them and create a sales opportunity, ending in a business closure.

3. Benefits it brings 

We could never tire of saying how important it is to align the sales and marketing department and, of course, the benefits that come with it.

  • Greater understanding and knowledge of your buyers personas

One of the most important things within an organization is the customers. We create buyer personas to categorize them and have more knowledge about them. If marketing and sales aim to meet all the needs of your potential customers, they will obtain more information about them and the strategies that are proposed, may be more successful.


  • Annual revenue growth

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, organizations that have a strong alignment between the marketing and sales departments, achieve an annual revenue increase of 20%. It is clear that if both departments have the same rhythm and have the same objectives with a certain term, it is easier to do and achieve it.


  • A more pleasant work environment

One of the keys to aligning these two departments is having the same language to share information. This helps to have greater and better communication, that your teams are more motivated, that there is greater coordination and that your teams have a large volume of information at their service.

4. Examples 

Every argument is better seen and understood with an example, right? We will see you tell a little about two success stories of Connext that, within their strategies, were implemented and worked on the alignment of the marketing and sales departments.

Sales Layer

In the case of the Sales Layer Company, it was aiming to double its organic traffic in six months, but it had to generate enough leads from the first month for its sales team to deliver results.

And here came the alignment: they had to be in line with the marketing and sales departments in order to achieve their goal.

You had to generate quality traffic and this is supported by Paid campaigns, but the hard work behind this was on the part of the marketing team. It was they who had to make sure that the campaigns were as efficient as possible and that each click had the best possible results.

But a company cannot stick to Paid campaigns, for an effective short-term project, but as a long-term strategy it does not work. An inbound strategy was implemented to be carried out by both departments. Marketing and sales had to meet to discover what the concerns of their potential customers were and thus, be able to do a study on their buyer personas and later, make a content marketing strategy based on their needs and pain points.

If you want to know more about how they managed to triple their organic traffic and double their web conversion in 6 months, download their success story:


The results that Artesanía Cerdá achieved thanks to Connext’s strategies are worth telling.

The company was in a situation where the only way to grow was by diversifying, establishing itself in other European countries such as Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, France … and it succeeded, so much so that it is currently the manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of Disney in Spain.

The results they achieved were:

-Increase in more than 100% of the traffic

-300% more leads

-Improved the conversion rate from lead to MQL by 43%

-Increase of 1,950% in year-on-year billing through Inbound clients

And all this thanks to an Inbound Marketing strategy that, as you may already know, one of its main parts is the alignment of the marketing and sales department for a greater capture of leads and new customers.


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The latest public studies of the Chitika company  on the distribution of clicks reveal that more than 90% of clicks stay on the first page of results . The first position being the most benefited with 34% of clicks, the second with 16% and the third with 11%. Thus the percentage of clicks decreases as your position increases.

Location, location, location

It is useless to have the best product on the market if you do not have visibility. It would be like having the best bakery in the city located next to a junkyard, would it prosper?

If on the physical plane the correlation is so clearly seen : location – visibility – sales , why not give the same importance to the digital plane?

It is vitally important to allocate efforts, resources and time to the optimization of the website to increase domain authority . This term refers to the prestige and credit that is recognized to a web page for its quality and competence in some matter. Only in this way is it possible to obtain notoriety and visibility .

In turn, Google weights these domains with their Page Rank to establish the positioning of each page. So, taking all these factors into account, these are some of the key points to take into account to improve your visibility:

1. Keywords

Carefully select the keywords around which the rest of your web content will rotate. For this you must focus attention on the interests of your target audience and Keywords used. The following tools will be of great help:

  •  Google Adwords Keyword Planner : allows you to obtain exact data on the performance of a list of keywords.
  •  SEMrush : provides you with the Keywords that report the highest traffic to your competition. So you can add new keywords to your list.
  •  Google Trends : with it you can analyze Google Search trends.

2. Technical Aspects

  •  Create friendly URLs that contain keywords and define the content of the page.
  •  Carefully fill in the “title” and “description” fields as they are two of the sections that Google returns as results.
  •  Take care of the loading time of your website . The quality of the web is equated to a web that loads fast. The optimal charging time should be under 3 seconds. A useful tool for its measurement is Google’s  PageSpeed ​​Insights  that analyzes the content of a web page and generates suggestions to improve speed.

4. Blog

Create a blog with content related to your business / products / services that may interest and provide knowledge to your target audience. Keeping it neat and up-to-date provides numerous advantages such as:

  •  Increase in traffic to the website.
  •  Helps position keywords.
  •  Build trust.
  •  Build audience.
  •  Promote the capture of leads .

Use “long tail” keywords, that is, more complex keywords. They have a lower number of searches, have a lower number of competition and generate the entry of qualified readers.

Once you have generated a large volume of content, spend part of your time reissuing your posts, adjusting their SEO parameters and making them more attractive to your readers.

5. Social Networks

Social networks have become a fundamental element to achieve greater visibility on the internet. It is a place to establish links and make your content go viral .

Select those networks that best suit your strategy and objectives that you want to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What social networks does my buyer persona use and for what?
  •  In which of them do you spend most of the time?
  •  What topics do you like to talk about?
  •  What are your interests?

6. Link Building

Get links from other web pages.

One way to streamline the process is to detect those sites where your competition is named. You then have a similar interaction with those websites.

One tool that can help you in your search is MOZ’s “Open Site Explorer”. Take into account the following aspects:

  •  The authority of the domain the link comes from.
  •  The thematic relevance of the page that links you, that is, whether or not it has to do with the content that you normally publish.
  •  The text by which they link you, the “anchor text” .
  •  The place that the link occupies on the page : a link in the content of the article does not have the same authority as in the footer.

You can too:

  •  Make link exchanges with other websites of the same theme.
  •  Participate in blogs and forums by adding your link.
  •  Write as a guest on another blog including a link to your website.
  •  Register your site in the main directories .

In conclusion, if you invest resources consistently over time in each of these areas, you will definitely make your website prosper. Now that you know the keys to obtaining greater visibility and traffic to your website, download the manual on how to sell more in industrial companies thanks to Inbound Marketing .


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As you all know that taxes are increasing day by day and people are getting burned down in all the deficit, in all the burden whatsoever. We Buy Houses Milwaukee to provide all of you people with the best services and the deals necessary, we also make sure that if there are certain things to be noted for or to be cared for then originality and transparency lies on the top stage because without these there is nothing that we do.

So, for all those out there we say that we will provide much higher than the market but after we get it inspected through our technicians because it is not a matter of demand but is a matter of money to be spend on to make it perfect because it is our business that we buy houses form you, renovate it and then sell them at a cheaper price, we also know that if there are certain things which will tell us all there is to know than we will share it with our client too. After we have done our inspection and after we present them with the detailed analysis report believe me whether they want to sell or not but we will let them know of all the flaws their house has and if they want to renovate it themselves then we will buy it from them at a higher price than we are offering.

We know that it is very hard for one to be successful but at the same time to bring people with the best services and the best deals we will help sort out the stuff, we will help to bring people to the justice i.e. bring in the stuff that matters.

Transparency at We buy Houses Milwaukee:

Yes, as a matter of fact we believe that if you are new in this line of work then we believe that transparency matters, transparency stands and if you tell us each and everything then we will do our best to buy up the things at a price which is higher because in the end it is much harder for the person who is suffering to leave his believed house in the hands of a stranger no matter how close the person may be so to suffice this we offer a price which is higher than the market so that the person can somewhat feel satisfaction.

Yes, we here make sure to take care of all the things for you, we also make sure to present all of you people with the services that matters. Now when you call us as we have said we will deal only in the cash and if the deal gets finalized then we will provide you people with the cash amount with in 6 to 7 working days.

We don’t want you people to feel the pain, we don’t want you people to get the feeling of betrayal or anything like that, trust me there is no feeling in the world that will broke your hard like that of the betrayal.


Sell Your House Fast For Cash

Best Way To Sell Your House Fast For Cash

To sell your property, agents are the traditional way. If you want to Sell Your House Fast For Cash, you can avail of our services. We offer the best services and you can sell your property to us. We have been serving community for years and our motto is to deliver such services that can lift our name. Currently, we are the leading company that can surely help you to sell your place.

If you want to Sell Your House Fast For Cash, you have some to the right place. We have our branches in Milwaukee and surroundings. If you are looking to Sell Your House Fast For Cash in Milwaukee and surroundings, we are at your services.

There is no property dealer or agent that can sell your property on the spot. Let us tell you the working strategy of them. When a client contacts a dealer, a meeting is fixed. Here, every information is exchanged. After that, there is the visual inspection of the place. Agent visits the place to confirms the condition of house.

He visualizes every corner of the place to search for faults. If the problems i.e. cracks are found, agent noted them. Once the visit is complete, agent offers you the price of your place and there is deduction for interior and exterior damages. In addition, this price is according to the market value. The market price may vary from place to place. It depends on the authorities and the importance of the place.

Once the deal is done, your house will be sold to the person who is willing to buy it. In addition, you have to wait until someone is willing to buy your place. By one way or other, it is a lengthy process and it can take up to weeks and even months.

Sell Your House Fast For Cash With Us

As we have told you about dealer’s dealing, we would like to tell you about us. When a client contacts us to sell house. Our team visits place for general inspection and to check the place perimeters. Once the visit is done, we offer you the price. This price is higher than the market rate. We do not cut for damages. We just want to offer you the best facilities as far as we can offer.

Our mode of payment is in form of cash. We know that client may be in need of this money and banking can cause delay in the payment process. We tend to serve with everything that can make your life easier. Once the deal is finalized, you will receive money with in seven days. This is the best way to Sell Your House Fast For Cash.

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If you are looking to sell your place and get the better price, contact us. We offer the free consultation and this act plays important role to uplift our company’s reputation. For us, your satisfaction is everything.