Get visibility on the internet for your industrial company


capital smart city islamabad can define visibility on the internet as the ability to be indexed in the top positions of the search engine in Google.

The latest public studies of the Chitika company  on the distribution of clicks reveal that more than 90% of clicks stay on the first page of results . The first position being the most benefited with 34% of clicks, the second with 16% and the third with 11%. Thus the percentage of clicks decreases as your position increases.

Location, location, location

It is useless to have the best product on the market if you do not have visibility. It would be like having the best bakery in the city located next to a junkyard, would it prosper?

If on the physical plane the correlation is so clearly seen : location – visibility – sales , why not give the same importance to the digital plane?

It is vitally important to allocate efforts, resources and time to the optimization of the website to increase domain authority . This term refers to the prestige and credit that is recognized to a web page for its quality and competence in some matter. Only in this way is it possible to obtain notoriety and visibility .

In turn, Google weights these domains with their Page Rank to establish the positioning of each page. So, taking all these factors into account, these are some of the key points to take into account to improve your visibility:

1. Keywords

Carefully select the keywords around which the rest of your web content will rotate. For this you must focus attention on the interests of your target audience and Keywords used. The following tools will be of great help:

  •  Google Adwords Keyword Planner : allows you to obtain exact data on the performance of a list of keywords.
  •  SEMrush : provides you with the Keywords that report the highest traffic to your competition. So you can add new keywords to your list.
  •  Google Trends : with it you can analyze Google Search trends.

2. Technical Aspects

  •  Create friendly URLs that contain keywords and define the content of the page.
  •  Carefully fill in the “title” and “description” fields as they are two of the sections that Google returns as results.
  •  Take care of the loading time of your website . The quality of the web is equated to a web that loads fast. The optimal charging time should be under 3 seconds. A useful tool for its measurement is Google’s  PageSpeed ​​Insights  that analyzes the content of a web page and generates suggestions to improve speed.

4. Blog

Create a blog with content related to your business / products / services that may interest and provide knowledge to your target audience. Keeping it neat and up-to-date provides numerous advantages such as:

  •  Increase in traffic to the website.
  •  Helps position keywords.
  •  Build trust.
  •  Build audience.
  •  Promote the capture of leads .

Use “long tail” keywords, that is, more complex keywords. They have a lower number of searches, have a lower number of competition and generate the entry of qualified readers.

Once you have generated a large volume of content, spend part of your time reissuing your posts, adjusting their SEO parameters and making them more attractive to your readers.

5. Social Networks

Social networks have become a fundamental element to achieve greater visibility on the internet. It is a place to establish links and make your content go viral .

Select those networks that best suit your strategy and objectives that you want to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What social networks does my buyer persona use and for what?
  •  In which of them do you spend most of the time?
  •  What topics do you like to talk about?
  •  What are your interests?

6. Link Building

Get links from other web pages.

One way to streamline the process is to detect those sites where your competition is named. You then have a similar interaction with those websites.

One tool that can help you in your search is MOZ’s “Open Site Explorer”. Take into account the following aspects:

  •  The authority of the domain the link comes from.
  •  The thematic relevance of the page that links you, that is, whether or not it has to do with the content that you normally publish.
  •  The text by which they link you, the “anchor text” .
  •  The place that the link occupies on the page : a link in the content of the article does not have the same authority as in the footer.

You can too:

  •  Make link exchanges with other websites of the same theme.
  •  Participate in blogs and forums by adding your link.
  •  Write as a guest on another blog including a link to your website.
  •  Register your site in the main directories .

In conclusion, if you invest resources consistently over time in each of these areas, you will definitely make your website prosper. Now that you know the keys to obtaining greater visibility and traffic to your website, download the manual on how to sell more in industrial companies thanks to Inbound Marketing .