criminal defense lawyer in Edgefield

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Edgefield

Saluda Law for Edgefield County!

If you need criminal defense representation in Edgefield County, South Carolina or if you need a criminal defense lawyer in Edgefield, then take a look at Saluda Law, LLC and see how they can help you with your criminal defense case!

With the years of experience in criminal defense that can be brought to bear on your criminal case, the firm can show you how to protect your rights!criminal defense lawyer in Edgefield

Whether you live in Edgefield or Trenton or Johnston, the firm may be able to help you fight the charges against you.

If you are just being investigated or if you have already been arrested, contact Saluda Law about ways to defend your case. You may potentially be able to enroll in a diversionary program or get a plea bargain worked out or you may need to take a case to trial, but no matter what, an Attorney can help you understand your rights and what a good strategy for your case is.

If you need an Edgefield Criminal Defense Lawyer or an Edgefield Criminal Defense Attorney, you can call Saluda Law, LLC today to see if the firm is a good fit for you and meets your needs.  It may be that because you drank too much and got a DUI that you need a criminal defense lawyer. It may be that you consumed too much alcohol and you got a BUI that you need representation on a criminal matter.


Saluda Law, LLC is located at 137 E. Butler Street, Lexington SC 29072. Attorney Judah N. VanSyckel reviewed and approved this blog post on June 23, 2020.