Given the recent attention solid on Freemasonry in popular and the Scottish Rite mainly by way of the book of Dan Brown’s new e book, The Lost Symbol, since this beyond fall the House of the Temple has been inundated with a deluge of tourists who all seem to voice comparable misconceptions approximately our Rite. Their lack of knowledge can of path be forgiven. However, it must be the obligation of all Masons once they come upon a person who’s in reality curious about the fraternity, extra especially a brother Mason, to train them to the excellent in their capacity. This article need to put together you for that crucial educational undertaking.

The Scottish Rite originated in Scotland.

The Scottish Rite really came to the US by using way of France. This is unequivocally the maximum commonplace false impression we pay attention from visitors to the House of the Temple.

There is proof of “Scotch Masons’ Lodges” relationship returned to 1733 in England; and there had been also predecessors such as the “Adonhiramite Rite” (ca. 1781) which protected many levels that in the end have become a part of the Scottish Rite.1 Yet, it changed into now not until 1763 and the creation of the “Order of the Royal Secret” by way of Stephen Morin of France, that the ritual we exercise these days started to coalesce into a form recognizable to a cutting-edge Scottish Rite Mason.2

A 32° Scottish Rite Mason has more authority in a Blue Lodge than a three° Master Mason.
No. In a Blue Lodge a Mason has most effective the rank and authority he has earned inside the Blue Lodge; membership in other groups has no effect on his popularity in the Blue Lodge.

There is an unsanctioned way of life in some Blue Lodges of telling new Master Masons that they must preside as grasp in their lodge earlier than petitioning “high-diploma” Masonry of any kind. This sentiment frequently leads to a belief that the appendant our bodies are a herbal and hierarchical progression past the primary 3 ranges. While that is truely true within the sense that the instructions of the Scottish Rite begin in which the Master Mason Degree ends, the simplest requirement to join the Scottish or the York Rite is to be a Master Mason in good standing in a identified jurisdiction—no presiding required.

At the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 there were handiest tiers—the Fellowcraft Degree became the end result of Craft Masonry. Eight years later comes the first evidence of the Master Mason Degree, and it became effectively adopted by means of the grand inn. Other degrees have been welcomed as they arose, but no longer formally adopted through the grand motel; there’s no diploma better in a grand resort than that of Master Mason.Three Since the very outset of excessive degree Masonry, the position it played in craft accommodations has usually been curtailed, as witnessed through a 1743 regulation of the Grand Lodge of France, proscribing the privileges of “Scotch Master Masons.”four

The Royal Arch is older than the Scottish Rite.
No. Much credence is erroneously given to the perception that the Royal Arch is older than the Scottish Rite. This misconception comes largely from England in which the Royal Arch is an awful lot more intently connected to the Craft and is seen through many as part of and the end result of Craft Masonry. This false impression migrated into the United States in which it keeps to nowadays. As said in advance, the earliest record of a “Scot’s Master” dates to 1733. The first point out of “Royal Arch Masons” is in a 1744 Dublin pamphlet, A Serious and Impartial Enquiry into the Cause of the Present Decay in Free Masonry in the Kingdom of Ireland.5 The first file of the Royal Arch being conferred is in Fredericksburg Lodge, Virginia, in 1753.

The tiers of the York Rite and Scottish Rite range greatly.
This false impression is most effective partly genuine. The structure and corporation of the bodies are massively exceptional among the York and Scottish Rite, however the legends and issues of the degrees are remarkably comparable.

From an organizational point of view, the York Rite tends to be composed of small, localized our bodies, at the same time as the Scottish Rite has large regional bodies. The Scottish Rite has Supreme Councils that exercise complete manipulate in their jurisdictions. There are fifty-one self sufficient Grand Chapters of Royal Arch Mason, most of which belong to the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International, which features as a loose confederation. The fifty-one Grand Councils of Cryptic Masons are prepared similarly, at the same time as the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar has remaining control over Templarism.

These organizational variations set apart, both rites make bigger upon the legends of the Blue Lodge Degrees. All Scottish Rite Masons are conscious that the thirteen° and 14°, Royal Arch of Solomon and Perfect Elu, complement each different in telling of the discovery of the Lost Word. When in comparison to the Royal Arch Mason Degree, there are a few placing similarities. Another instance of striking similarities might be a contrast of the 15° and 16°, Knight of the East and Prince of Jerusalem, with the Commandery’s Order of the Red Cross. Lastly, it’s miles really worth mentioning that the 30°, Knight Kadosh, is a thinly veiled Templar legend which continues many intentional parallels to the ranges of the York Rite Commandery.

Albert Pike extolled the virtues and advantages of the Scottish Rite chiefly different levels.
Not proper. Albert Pike normal the Blue Lodge Degrees as the muse of Masonic teachings. One of his most extremely good works is Esoterika: Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry, a detailed analysis of Blue Lodge symbolism. The truth that Pike held the symbols of Blue Lodge Masonry in excessive esteem is without question: “Every legitimate image of the Blue Lodge, everyone that really belongs to it, is a religious image, of incredible antiquity, which came to Free-Masonry from the Hermetic Philosophy by way of inheritance.…”6

The Scottish Rite North-South divide occurred because of the American Civil War.
Wrong. The roots of the North-South divide originated within the Grand Constitutions of the 33rd Degree of 1786, the supply of traditional Scottish Rite authority, which stipulates that two Supreme Councils have been to be created within the United States. However, the validity and accuracy of this record remains situation to tons debate. The first legitimate Supreme Council in New York City changed into created in 1813 when america Scottish Rite territory was divided into jurisdictions, but the Northern Masonic Store became no longer formally created until 1867 with the merger of rival Supreme Councils.7